duminică, 30 noiembrie 2014

A weekend at home

When I say: "I am at home." People usually ask: "Oh so you are in Constanta for the weekend?" No, not at all. I'm home, in Bucharest. After I had fun with a friend who slept over at my place Friday night, I went at the market and bought lots of flowers! Now the room is filled with wonderful scent. I love those colors so much: pink, white, yellow!! I just couldn't ask for more! As the weather was cloudy, windy and cold I decided to spend my weekend at home... reading, painting, writing on the blog and listening to music. I had a relaxing time... but I didn't do everything I had in mind. Is time passing too fast...? Or maybe I am just moving very slowly, being very lazy...

Unfortunately, the flowers I bought are not so fresh.... because winter is almost here. I am dreaming of fine sunny weather... What do I have in mind? It's time to prepare for snowy days, exams....and Christmas. Should I write a wish list and sent it to Santa?

miercuri, 26 noiembrie 2014

The "Private Moon" of Leonid Trishkov

I had to participate at this event.... I just couldn't help myself because it seemed like such a nice idea. It is about this Russian man, Leonid Trishkov who is travelling the world with this Moon he created. He brought his Moon to Bucharest too, at Seneca AntiCafe... and me and my friends were there to meet him. He told us his story, how the whole adventure started. He even visited the North Pole with the Moon and he took great photos.  The project is named "Private Moon".
After the presentation, we had to complete a task, part of the event. They gave us drawing paper, pencils and markers and we had to create our own story about the Moon. I enjoyed it very much!
I heard Seneca AntiCafe was recently opened. It is a nice place indeed. You can do almost anything there, read, drink tea, play games with your friends, study, draw or simply have a pleasant spare time. Everything is clean, shiny and new. They also have books for sale. The staff is nice too. A friendly Russian lady greet us and showed us around... and guess what... art students receive a discount.. of course hahaha We had to pay 4 lei per hour while the usual price is 8 lei. Unfortunately, this cafe is pretty far away from the university. 
Check out Seneca Anticafe! Maybe the Moon is still there waiting for you!

This is what I could invent.... It's the story of some hungry sheep that ate the Moon while the owners weren't paying attention. Leonid Trishkov seemed to like it. He told me I should write more stories. He said I have talent. What if it's true?

duminică, 23 noiembrie 2014

Fairy Dust by Madalina Andronic

Last Wednesday evening I enjoyed one of my favorite events since I started university in Bucharest: "Fairy Dust" book release. It is a beautifully illustrated little treasure... created by Madalina Andronic. She is one of my favorite illustrators and I was very very glad to meet her at Acuarela (the place of the event). The room was filled with discreet flower perfume, scent of tea and everybody was welcomed to taste delicious cakes and cookies. In other words, Acuarela was the perfect place to be in a rainy and cold November evening. 
I fell so directly interested in such an event because I love illustrating too.... even more, I love inventing new stories, giving them life. That is why I admire Madalina so much, because she managed on her own as an artist and she is earning money doing what she loves. "So you are an art student... and what are you going to be? A painter...? How are you going to earn a living?" They always say that. Well, I am going to do what I love. Just like that... and see what happens.
I love Madalina's work and I can't wait to see more! Maybe Santa will bring me the book ... If I'm a good girl and paint more... hehe You can purchase this work of art here.

That is why I love Bucharest. It gives so many opportunities. I want to see, to explore but.... the weather is so cold and cloudy. It's been so long since I've seen the blue sky... What's this? Maybe a lack of determination?

miercuri, 12 noiembrie 2014

A foggy day is a perfect day

This Saturday was foggy and cold... so I decided to spend it with one of my new friends. Where? In museums, of course! We visited The National Museum Of Natural History "Grigore Antipa" and then The National Museum of Contemporary Art. 
I was glad to find out that the first one is the perfect place to make little sketches of birds, animals, insects, rocks.... and skeletons. I saw the most beautiful butterflies and a huge and astonishing whale skeleton. Oh and I mustn’t forget to mention those jars they keep fishes and snakes in. Unfortunately, I don't know how they are called.  I loved it! It is interesting, well organized, it has a nice souvenir shop and UnArte students visit for free anytime. hehehe

After a four-hour visit, we made our way through the fog to The National Museum of Contemporary Art. I enjoyed it so much! I even liked the fact that we were almost the only visitors... so it was silent unlike Antipa which was full of screaming little children with their teachers, parents or grandparents.
Even thought we expected a much wider variety of exhibitions, I wasn't disappointed at all. 
   At a point we ran into a room dedicated to the senses.... an interactive exhibition actually. We had to walk thought a dark corridor, dance on shiny floor.... and then we miraculously reached a chamber full of colorful pillows which made different sounds when you touched them.... so cute !

I can't wait for my next visit at MNAC! Now let's spend more time in the studio and less at the museum... what do you say?

duminică, 9 noiembrie 2014

My first Artmark visit. Autumn Auction: Masters of Romanian painting

This week I visited the painting exhibition held at the Artmark building. Those beautiful works of art will be auctioned this month on the 19th at Athenee Palace Hilton in Bucharest. I enjoyed every masterpiece along with my gorgeous classmates and we spent a nice and artistic afternoon together. We visited Artmark, then Galateea Gallery (on the other side of the street) and part of the National Museum of Arts. Of course, I got home exhausted but very very happy. 
I wish I had the money to participate at the auction and buy art. Maybe someday I will be part of that world. The world of luxury, art and comfort. But until then, let me enjoy myself spending as much time as I can visiting galleries and museums. There surely must remain time to work and explore my own creative world.
As I was saying, this month Artmark will auction masterpieces signed by Tonitza, Grigorescu, Piliuta, Caltia, Ciucurencu, Pallady and many others. Don't miss the exhibition. We won't have the chance to see those paintings very often if they will be part of private collections. 
So here I am surrounded by art and friendly people.... having the chance to absorb so much information in a single day. Is this a dream come true or what?

Don't you think that this is all! Oh no! Stay tuned because the best is yet to come. I promise at least one post for the next week. :-) I am thinking of writing a review including all the art museums in Bucharest.... that, of course after I visit them all... hehehe
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