luni, 13 septembrie 2010

This summer I:

Visited Balcik :X Loved that sunny summer day!

Visited Belgium :) Very nice country ;)

Went to MIKA's concert :X Thank u ORANGE!!
~I'm the one with a white T-shirt saying "I -red heart- Antwerp". Just next to me u can see Ramona, a friend of mine. In the background u can see a blonde faired lady (right), that's my mom :)~
I downloaded those pics from ORANGE Romania Facebook Page.

Made my first painting on canvas!! ;) 45x45 cm

Made my second painting on canvas :D I don't remember the size ^^"

Went to Sinaia with some other crazy ppl :D

Discovered Art House and the Sketchbook Project!! :X

and many many other cool things! ;) I had an awesome summer holiday but school has started today..... and I entered the arts high school ^__^

marți, 7 septembrie 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011 UPDATE

Finally!!! Here are some photos of my sketchbook so far :)

~This is the first page :)~

~ Third page detail~
I really enjoy drawing in my sketchbook! :X I hope that people will smile while turning the pages of my book ^_^ I'm doing my best! :D

~Page sixteen detail~
I sketch in this book every day! :) I would love to go to one of the Sketchbook Project exhibitions, but I live so far from US :(('s a photo of me in action ;)

If u wanna see more of my sketchbook go to:

THX! :*
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