miercuri, 10 iulie 2013

Bunny Monster Reloaded

Yes, my friends this a mixed media version of this work over here. Check it out if you don't remember it. I used the same french phrase: "Par ce chemin est passe un petit lapin" :-) and it's based on the same  enigmatic story of the bunny monster, a strange creature discovered recently by scientists. Stay tuned!!

marți, 2 iulie 2013

Join the La-la-la Circus

Funny round canvas. I had some awesome mixed media fun creating a circus universe. For this one, I used Self Leveling Gel as a final layer. I personally prefer the wax effect. It's much more whimsical and artistic. Oh, I wish stuffed bunnies could walk, dance, talk, and eat candy........ and own a circus :-)

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