marți, 21 octombrie 2014

Bucharest Art Weekend

The most magnificent thing is that now I can visit as many art galleries and museums as I want.... because they are all around, waiting for me. Last weekend I realized how much I actually love to spend my time in galleries. It's a delight! Last weekend I drew all morning in the studio, then ran in the street and searched for the art exhibitions which composed the event called Bucharest Art Weekend. The booklets they spread all around the city center contained a tiny map and the exact address of each gallery. This was very useful!
It was just like a treasure hunt race. I hadn't ever visited any of those places.... and as you may know, discovering new places is one of my favorite activities, or should I say hobby...? It's all about finding the mysterious and unknown in the daily routine and making each moment a unique one.

So Saturday afternoon I visited three galleries: H' Art: "Dulce et Decorum" personal exhibition by George Anghelescu, Visual Arts Center: "Bucharest International Print Biennale" and Dalles Hall: "Enchanting Views". Pay a visit as long as you can! It's worth it believe me! I recommend them all and I won't express nor my positive neither my negative opinion. Go and make your own artistic discoveries! It's great and magical!

"Enchanting Views" hosted at the Dallas Hall is really nice.... and nostalgic. It's about the changes that took place in the structure and architecture of the Romanian Black Sea shore resorts during the 60's and 70's. It was actually a multimedia exhibition: photos, newspapers, magazines, documentaries, videos, statistics and postcards. Looking at those old photos I just couldn't believe my eyes. Was this really Constanta, my hometown? Was this really Mamaia? It's hard to believe they had ever looked so good.... Well that was a really nostalgic half an hour... "Enchanting Views" makes you want to go back in time and see with your own eyes clean, wide beaches, tidy hotels and colorful, fresh flowers all around.

 And Sunday I visited The National Museum of Arts, the Arts Collections section. It's just wonderful! It's so big I couldn't visit it entirely. I will go back as soon as I can and visit the second floor.  
So I had a great weekend... a full one for sure! I got home dead tired... but that's an everyday issue already. Oh my god I am so busy these days :)) Stay tuned! My artistic appetite is huge so... museums, galleries, exhibitions... here I come!

joi, 16 octombrie 2014

New home. New life.

Hello everyone! Here I am at last, back on the blog and ready to share new experience. Almost two weeks have passed since I started to officially live in Bucharest; two weeks of surprises, disappointments, happy moments, discoveries, magic. I came here to paint, I came here to study, I came here to meet new people, I came here to make Bucharest my home. Yes, to make it part of me. Bucharest is not just a city name like it was for me some time ago, no, it is a living being. It breathes. It speaks. It moves... and I move along... or at least I try to.  There are so many things happening at the same time... and so fast. It is truly amazing.
I was a little sad in the beginning because I was not used to living alone.... I didn't like coming home with no one around the house to say hello to. But now I quite like it. I can listen to music, or enjoy the silence anytime...and I can be messy without disturbing anyone.
Sometimes I forget where I am and what I am doing. I forget the awesome situation I am in and the fact that I am in the right place. In other words, I get used to everything and start concentrating on the small activities like how much chocolate should I eat today. I must remain surprised, I must remain conscious of how lucky I am. I must always live the moment and see mainly the good part in everything. I love this experience. It is my own adventure. All I fear is being lonely. I don't want that. I don't like it. I need a friend by my side. But let's leave this apart. Fears are no good. Fears must disappear.Life is beautiful. I am doing my best every day to make it even more beautiful.

Here are two portraits I painted just before the exams, more than one month ago. I will hopefully share my first university paintings soon ! I also promise that, from now on, my blog posts will be more frequent !

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