sâmbătă, 31 mai 2014

Hello Sunshine

This little painting is almost one year old. I didn't post it till now because... well I don't actually remember why..... The pictures were uploaded, the unfinished post only needed a text.. Here it is! This is one of my last "petit dolls". It's been so long since I've painted a doll..... Although there are many people who don't like them I think they are not so bad. I used to have so much fun painting dolls. I love them and I'm the Doll Queen! :)) No I'm not kidding. I'll never be able to paint petits like before, you know why? Because the new ones will be even more beautiful ! ;-) Wait till I pass the admission exams at the university this summer ! Then I'll have plenty of time to paint dolls !

joi, 29 mai 2014

Seashell collection

As I'm living in a city on the Black Sea shore, I've always been fascinated by shells, rocks or pieces of wood and glass I found on the beach. Even now, I can spend hours and hours in the sand searching for this kind of masterpieces. To me, they are truly beautiful, unique. They are my little treasure. Look at those structures, those colors.... There is no greater artist than Mother Nature. My seashell collection reminds me every day that beauty is all around; all we have to do is live the present moment and observe. I love so much living by the sea !!

This is the first post in which I used pictures taken with my macro lens. I really like the effects ;-) More macro pics coming soon....

vineri, 23 mai 2014

Cyprus adventure part 4: Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque and Larnaka Salt Lake

So here we are, my friends. This is the last Cyprus adventure post. It's about a place which reminded me of that famous tale... Ali Baba and the forty thieves. Plants, sun and sky transported me instantly into Arabian dreams. Again, no one was around and I liked that so much! 
Beautiful Hala Sultan Tekke is a tiny mosque hidden in exotic vegetation. Larnaka Salt Lake is almost dry during summertime and, in winter it is visited by graceful pink flamingos. April is quiet around...

This is it! I mean... it's not actually but I think that's enough. ;-) Bye-bye beloved island. Let's move forward! I have other things waiting to be shared. I'll announce new posts on my facebook and instagram accounts!

joi, 22 mai 2014

Cyprus adventure part 3 : Cape Greko Peninsula

Cape Greko Peninsula was one of my favorite places in Cyprus. It looked just like a Pirate Bay, a secret harbor where they used to meet and hide treasures. Maybe there really is a miracle chest buried on Cape Greko Peninsula!! I'll find it next time I visit Cyprus and then I'll be rich and lazy for the rest of my life! Hmm... Maybe I shouldn't do that, shouldn't I? 
We explored the place but didn't stay very long. Unfortunately, the weather wasn't so nice. I loved it anyway! It seemed like time stood still as there were no other tourists around, everything was silent, nothing was moving. Views were so gorgeous and the sea was stunning as always.
Oh! I was just about to forget about the strange plants which grew all over the place on dry stone. They reminded me of seaweed. Creepy and beautiful!! *_*

I hope I didn't bore you with my Cyprus posts. I still have one more prepared which, I think, will be the last. It's been over a month since I came back and I have much different stuff to share. So get ready for the end of the adventure, the forth post and the last.

marți, 20 mai 2014

Cyprus adventure part 2

Are you ready for the second part of the adventure? Here we go....
Second day! Tough day for dad who drove on the left side of the road for the first time. As I said, Cypriots aren't the most patient drivers, but dad managed just fine. We visited Ayia Napa, said to have an exciting nightlife, no. 2 in Europe, actually, after Ibiza. The beach was nice too, with golden soft sand. And the sea. Breathtaking! It had the most wonderful color I've only seen in photos of unknown deserted island in Pacific. The Mediterranean is just as beautiful. The reason why water was so clear were the rocks on the seabed, so taking a bath wasn't so easy....We explored some cliffs near the beach and then walked until we reached the touristic harbor.

 The most beautiful sea I've ever seen!!

 That's salt :-)

 We explored the cliffs near the golden sand beach and we found an aquatic cave perfect for snorkeling.

Well I didn't have the chance to take a bath but.....
View of Ayia Napa from the touristic harbor.

Special selfie for the end! Stay tuned as I'm preparing new posts!

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