joi, 26 iulie 2012

Quite a Mistery

This was the first time I used wax as a final layer for a painting on canvas. I like the effect very much and I prefer wax to the usual acrylic varnish. I'm kind of obsessed with rabbits lately. I think I can call it my: "Bunny Period". :-P

marți, 24 iulie 2012

Buny Love

Here is a new mixed media work. I used so many materials for this one, I can't remember all of them. Anyway... I used acrylic paint, colored pencils, fabric, glitter.....wax... :-)

vineri, 20 iulie 2012

Dervent Creation Camp

I didn't mention in my previous posts the fact that I just came back from a one-week creation camp . The whole thing took place at the Dervent Monastery. We were a small group of 11 students and 3 teachers. :-D I loved the experience! I had the chance to paint outdoors, in the middle of nature surrounded by gorgeous countryside landscapes. I'm glad to say that my "plein air" adventure was a success. :-) They also had lots of animals around: cats, horses, pigs, deers and BUNNIES! (which happen to be the most adorable beings in the world). Painting, sun, fresh air, cute beings around, my classmates.... In other words, I was ALMOST in heaven because things just couldn't be perfect. But that doesn't matter. :-) Gotta come again next year!

Tadaaaaa...... guess who painted this one!

 Oh, Mr. Bunny, I love you!! :*

This is our happy group. As you can see, everybody has a... happy face! :-D

marți, 17 iulie 2012

luni, 16 iulie 2012

Mixed media gift

This is the first mixed media work I made using Prismacolor pencils for the face! And all went well! :-) I gave it to my little friend, Ioni from Belgium, as a gift. Hope she liked it.

marți, 3 iulie 2012


Watercolor, colored pencils and ink on paper. :)

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