vineri, 27 mai 2011

Environment Day

Environment Day is coming soon! This painting shows the world as I want it to be: bright and happy. But the most important thing is that, in this world, people understood that The Earth gave as everything we needed in the beginning. She gave us power to carry on. They respect the nature and the animals because they all know that the living creatures are their brothers, and that The Earth is their Mother!

joi, 26 mai 2011

Hey Brother Camel!

Geography homework. :) Oh, those art-school teachers give us nice homework don't you think?

 ~ It sais: An oasis of happiness.~

vineri, 13 mai 2011


Another physics homework. :)

A girl :D

I made this for a free-theme art contest. :-)

 ~ Acrylic on paper~

luni, 2 mai 2011

The Spring of Art

I made this painting at home for an art contest called: "The Spring of Art". :-)

I used watercolors, markers and correction pen.

duminică, 1 mai 2011

Portul Tomis/ Tomis Harbour

This is my home. I made it at school for an art contest named: "Air, Water, Earth".

~ Acrylic on paper, 50/70 cm ~

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