joi, 31 mai 2012

Ile de France: Awesome French Project

Me and my dear friend, Ramona have been working on this project for some days. Here it is: Ile de France, the breathtaking map! :)) And some "petit" things here and there..... As only the map seemed too boring. :) We managed to obtain a nice, fat grade with this drawing!

marți, 29 mai 2012

Many flavors.......

Little acrylic painting no. 2 ;)

luni, 28 mai 2012

Mushroom Town

Little acrylic painting. :)

sâmbătă, 26 mai 2012

llustration book for children

I am very glad to announce you that...

 My new illustration book for children is now out! I have been working on this project for the last few months... I am happy the result finally showed up.

It is actually a coloring book. So kids can have lots of fun playing around with color.....

But the nice story shouldn't be ignored eighter :) The title, "Rosa's Birthday Party" tells it all. Rosa, the most beautiful girl in the world is organisig her birthday party and all her cousins and relatives are invited to attend. Each of them has an original character. They are all enjoying themselfs until they realise that something is missing.....
I want to thank everyone who helped me make this happen! Special thanks to Mrs. Sorina Soescu!

sâmbătă, 5 mai 2012

Work in progress at Servus Caffe

 Me and my classmates are participating in an awesome project organised by Servus Caffe in Maritimo Shopping Center. The goal of this project is promoting young artists in our town. This is a great chance for us to be seen and noticed by people as we work in a public place. My painting (acrylic on canvas) isn't finished yet but I think I can finalize it during my next visit at Servus. :) You can find me tomorrow in the evening painting in front of Servus Caffe.


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