luni, 28 ianuarie 2013

Running away from home

Those are some illustrations I made sometime at the beginning of the school year, which means 2012. :-D The title is "Running away from home". This is a kind of a children book written by the Romanian author Marin Sorescu.

joi, 24 ianuarie 2013

Dancing all night long

Scientists have recently discovered a new species a rabbits which look like ordinary bunnies during daytime but become phosphorescent at night. They give parties every night and dance until sunrise. The only enemy of this kind of rabbit seems to be a strange being, a monster actually who acts just like a bunny. He participates at their nocturnal parties and he eats 5 bunnies just before sunrise. The victims are certainly confused as the bunny-monster is a devil in disguise. His two big ears are not real and his huge carrot is a mere fake. None of the phosphorescent rabbits realize this during the party. Scientists assure people all over the globe that the monster has no chance to extinct this fantastic species. We should stay tuned to see more photos of those never before seen creatures!

luni, 21 ianuarie 2013

Stranger in the night

Some weeks ago I was listening to an oldies online radio and heard a wonderful song by The Browns, named "The old lamplighter". It made me feel nostalgic and dreamy and I though this would make a perfect subject for a new painting. Well, my drawing turned out to be a little different.... :-P That being over there is not old at all....but I assure you that he is actually a lamplighter, at least a spiritual one. He is the one who lights the stars and the moon every night. He doesn't have a name and he is a particularly spiritual being.

duminică, 20 ianuarie 2013

The story of the Dodos

I suppose everyone knows about the Dodo birds, an extinct species which used to live somewhere near Madagascar, on a sunny and tropical land. I'm sure they lived a happy life before people came to conquer their island. I actually read on the net that Dodos had no natural predators. That's why they didn't posses the ability to fly and they weren't able to defend themselves in any way. Their exact appearance and behavior is unknown. All those facts make Dodo the most mysterious bird ever. And I just love that! :-)

sâmbătă, 5 ianuarie 2013

Fashion Giraffe

Vivienne is in the spot light!! She loves being in the center of everything! Vivienne is one of the most famous giraffe fashion stars. She will be spending some time at my place to rest after an overwhelming year. Vivi started her carrier as a simple button designer but shortly became known all over the planet for her imaginative and ingenuous giraffe clothing designs. After her short holiday in Romania she will make her way to Africa for the annual giraffe reunion. Vivi is an out-going and friendly being but she is sometimes too boastful. I'm glad Vivi became friends with Senor Pedro and Luis. They surely are a surprising group of fellows.

vineri, 4 ianuarie 2013

Kangaroo Mania

This new friend has been waiting to make his appearance on my blog for quite a while. As his is very shy and excited, I will be the one to introduce him. His name is Senor Pedro Miguel  Angel. I really don't know how old he is but he surely is intelligent. Senor Pedro speaks 7 languages (currently studying Romanian) and he takes care of his little mate who hides himself in Senor's pocket. Little fellow's name is Luis Carlos. I can't wait for Luis to jump out of his shelter. I'm sure he is wonderful decorated too.  Those two are the last members of a secret kangaroo association formed in Australia decades ago. Senor Pedro only told me that something bad happened so he and Luis had to run away from home to Mexico. They don't remember their real names as they changed them several times after their escape. Senor made his living out of fortune telling (his big back eye is actually the secret of the whole thing). He needed help to go back home so he contacted me telepathically and arrived in Romania using teleportation. I will host Senor for a while as he cannot star his journey to Australia if Luis isn't old enough. I love my new friends very much and I will do my best to help them go home. If you know any magical way to instantly transport 2 kangaroos home, please contact me.

marți, 1 ianuarie 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Happy New Year everyone!! I hope 2013 will be a super mega awesome and exciting year! As this is a special moment.... I'm showing you a special work of mine, painted this winter holiday. It is actually the first painting with 3 petit dolls and 2 of them are boys! I've never done that before. It wasn't so hard to make my dolls look like boys. :-D 2013, please be glamorous!

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