sâmbătă, 27 septembrie 2014

People I would like to meet

Those 5 portraits were presented along with other 21 paintings and drawings at the interview, which was actually the last admission exam at UnArte in Bucharest. To me it seemed those were the most appreciated ones... maybe because they are spontaneous. They are not portraits of people in real life, but images of my own personality. They are different parts of me and independent beings at the same time. Who are those people, what are they thinking, are they happy? I would like to know that, I would like to meet them.
Do they seem familiar? Well I posted them before setting off to Cluj last summer. Remember...? Take a look here.
I've decided it's not possible for me to study both painting and history of arts at the same time so I've chosen painting and here I am.... at the beginning of a wonderful journey. I still haven't found a nice place to stay so I'm still searching. I will be heading to Bucharest tomorrow with my parents and look for an apartment all day long. I hope this problem will be solved soon because there are many other things to be done. 
Even though the situation seems clear now, I still am pretty confused. How should I feel now? I am excited, nostalgic, sad, happy, energized, worried, blue, pink, yellow and all the other colors at the same time. 
I could use a long vacation to a sunny island in the middle of the ocean right now! Oops the weather is rainy, autumn is here. Time for me to start the painting courses.... in a week. hehehe and I love it. Yes, I do love the present moment.

More posts about my adventure coming soon. This is a live broadcast!

sâmbătă, 20 septembrie 2014

It's a deal

A lot happened since my last post on the blog. Guess what...? Level 2: university student. Well, yes after a long summer, I finally made it. I passed my exams in Bucharest and I was accepted, not only in the painting class but also in the history of arts. Which means: double agent, double student, double success, double trouble.... and... a big double chocolate cake for me at the end! hihihi
I feel great, relieved! Even though summer is over, the weather is still sunny and warm enough during daytime. The sky is blue and.... I have so many things to do! Find a place to live in the city which is from now on my second home, buying stuff, organizing, cleaning, replacing, preparing for my new life. But who cares? Why should I worry, even for a second? I feel fine and energized!
Looking back, I think it was a wonderful experience with a happy end... because good luck will always be by my side as long as I have on open mind and a loving heart. 
I regret nothing. This is what's best for me for sure. I learned so much, I met new people, I made new friends. In other words this was one of the most exciting holidays of my life.... and still is.  
Now I can read as many books and watch as many movies as I want! My reloaded September vacation, here I come!  The beach is more beautiful than ever. It just couldn't have been better.

Of course I will start posting artwork again real soon! Remember those en-detaille portraits? Brace yourselves !
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