sâmbătă, 20 septembrie 2014

It's a deal

A lot happened since my last post on the blog. Guess what...? Level 2: university student. Well, yes after a long summer, I finally made it. I passed my exams in Bucharest and I was accepted, not only in the painting class but also in the history of arts. Which means: double agent, double student, double success, double trouble.... and... a big double chocolate cake for me at the end! hihihi
I feel great, relieved! Even though summer is over, the weather is still sunny and warm enough during daytime. The sky is blue and.... I have so many things to do! Find a place to live in the city which is from now on my second home, buying stuff, organizing, cleaning, replacing, preparing for my new life. But who cares? Why should I worry, even for a second? I feel fine and energized!
Looking back, I think it was a wonderful experience with a happy end... because good luck will always be by my side as long as I have on open mind and a loving heart. 
I regret nothing. This is what's best for me for sure. I learned so much, I met new people, I made new friends. In other words this was one of the most exciting holidays of my life.... and still is.  
Now I can read as many books and watch as many movies as I want! My reloaded September vacation, here I come!  The beach is more beautiful than ever. It just couldn't have been better.

Of course I will start posting artwork again real soon! Remember those en-detaille portraits? Brace yourselves !

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