joi, 28 august 2014

Back by the sea

After the two-week course in Bucharest, I returned home to enjoy the most beautiful weather by the sea. Even though I loved being away exploring the capital city, I was glad to come back. Now I have to wait till the 10th September, the day of the admission exam, and also my birthday. hahah I will return to Bucharest then for three days and after that... I hope... for the next three years. It was a great adventure (and... still is) and I treasured every moment of it but for God's sake, I want this whole story to come to an end! I want to be a student and go to sleep without thinking about any exam anymore. At least for a while.
As I was saying, I am enjoying fine weather here in Constanta. The sea is blue, the sky is tall and clear the sun is shining and.... there is nobody around. Tourists seen to have disappeared during those two weeks. In other words, perfect! :)) Strolling around town on a sunny day is a delight.

I came home just in time to say bye-bye to friends who left Romania yesterday for the UK. From now on they are university students in London. I wish them good luck and all the best. I hope to see them soon.
As I am standing by sea I can feel something different in the air. The sun light is not the same, the sky has a deeper color. I am not the same either. Yes, autumn is almost here.

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  1. iubita mica... cum faci tu sa ma emotionezi asa tare... gasit scriitoare mea preferata ;-)


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