vineri, 31 mai 2013

House of Fantasy

Watercolor, colored ink on 50/70 paper. :D Have a fantastic weekend!

marți, 28 mai 2013

Bubblegum balloon saves the day

 And the little sad houses of the Teddy Bear Town will be saved thanks to the magical bubblegum balloon which appeared at midnight. The light of joy and happiness will shine again above the world. But what if the teddy bear operation won't succeed? Watercolor, colored ink on 50/70 paper.

 Exclusive work in progress pictures!! :D

miercuri, 1 mai 2013

Machine a Laver Fever

More and more engraving! Who said old CDs are no good? This post is dedicated to the spirits who live a happy existence in my washing machine and make my clothes smell so absolutely wonderful... And yes, in their honor I made a colorful version along with the black and the sepia one. La machine a laver est la meilleure!

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