luni, 26 decembrie 2011

Merry Christmas!!

 I made these 4 cards some time ago on A4 paper, scanned them, printed them and gave them to my friends and classmates! They all looked very happy (especially some of my classmates). They made me feel very nice and warm. It was very interesting observing how every single person reacts towards unexpected little events like this. I call it an event because, during a break at school each classmate received a card from me. Of course, it was a surprise. I also must mention that I was wearing a pair of those gorgeous reindeer horns on my head. :> AND I'm proud of that! YES!

joi, 15 decembrie 2011

joi, 24 noiembrie 2011

Guardian Angel

 Acrylic paint on canvas. :)

miercuri, 23 noiembrie 2011

Portul Tomis/Tomis Harbour 2

You can find on my blog another version of this which I made some months ago(1st May)
Acrylic paint on canvas.

miercuri, 2 noiembrie 2011

New post!!!

Hello friends!!!! Here I am with a new post. I hope I'll have more time for this blog in the near future... Days are passing so fast I can hardly keep up. Special thanks to my dear friend how reminded me of this lovely page which was waiting for me. :)
Here are some willow drawings I've never showed you before.

marți, 13 septembrie 2011

Here again

Hello everyone! It's been such a long time! I'm sorry for Yes, I think I can call it like this. :)
Things changed since my last post, school started two days ago, I grew up and I have some new artwork to show you guys. Here are some little watercolor paintings I made for a friend.

sâmbătă, 30 iulie 2011

I am very old........

These two photos show the same old building. No one seem to care about it so I think it will soon...die.
There are many houses like this one in the old area of my town and I feel sorry for them.... Can you imagine how this bulding looked like when it was new and bright? I'm sure a very rich family lived here once.

This photo was taken on 18th june 2011.

This one was taken one month later. I wouldn't have parked my car near this house if I were that guy......

miercuri, 13 iulie 2011

New stuff

I used watercolors, ink and markers on A4 paper. I really take my time making this kind of things during the summer holiday. I'll never get tired. ;)

marți, 12 iulie 2011


 Can't wait to eat them! ;)

joi, 23 iunie 2011


These are little, A5 paintings. I used: watercolors, markers and a correction pen.  :)

vineri, 27 mai 2011

Environment Day

Environment Day is coming soon! This painting shows the world as I want it to be: bright and happy. But the most important thing is that, in this world, people understood that The Earth gave as everything we needed in the beginning. She gave us power to carry on. They respect the nature and the animals because they all know that the living creatures are their brothers, and that The Earth is their Mother!

joi, 26 mai 2011

Hey Brother Camel!

Geography homework. :) Oh, those art-school teachers give us nice homework don't you think?

 ~ It sais: An oasis of happiness.~

vineri, 13 mai 2011


Another physics homework. :)

A girl :D

I made this for a free-theme art contest. :-)

 ~ Acrylic on paper~

luni, 2 mai 2011

The Spring of Art

I made this painting at home for an art contest called: "The Spring of Art". :-)

I used watercolors, markers and correction pen.

duminică, 1 mai 2011

Portul Tomis/ Tomis Harbour

This is my home. I made it at school for an art contest named: "Air, Water, Earth".

~ Acrylic on paper, 50/70 cm ~

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