vineri, 27 mai 2011

Environment Day

Environment Day is coming soon! This painting shows the world as I want it to be: bright and happy. But the most important thing is that, in this world, people understood that The Earth gave as everything we needed in the beginning. She gave us power to carry on. They respect the nature and the animals because they all know that the living creatures are their brothers, and that The Earth is their Mother!

4 comentarii:

  1. o lucrare ce te caracterizeaza... cu cerul... auriu ;)

  2. Una dintre cele mai vesele lucrari! bravo:)
    Ramy ♥

  3. Desenele tale sunt extraordinare, o lume atat de colorata in care ma ratacesc de fiecare data cand le privesc. Am primit carticica de la tine, am citit-o si am admirat desenele si de atunci ma tot gandesc ce lucruri minunate poti face. As vrea sa fac cateva fotografii sa le pun pe blogul meu! Si un link spre tine, am voie? Felicitari!

  4. Felicitari pentru carte si desenele minunate!!!


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