joi, 30 decembrie 2010

New Year Cards

I'll celebrate new year at a friend's house along with 2 other girls :) so I made 3 cards, one for each of them! I hope they will like my creations..... We will surely have an awesome night! I'll also sleep there and go home in the morning ;)
        ~The Spirit of the party~
                  ~Good food.....~
                ~A new beginning~

Family photos!

This isn't a post about my art but about dear ppl :X
In the pics below: me, my bro and my cousins :) Two days ago me and my bro visited our cousins and decided to take some cute photos of us together (I guess we were really bored...).
Eventually I decided to post the best photos we took.  

duminică, 26 decembrie 2010

Christmas Cards!

Some days before Christmas I started paiting some Christmas cards for relatives and friends. :)
I've actually made 3 and I scanned and then printed them. ( I haven't had enought time to make more because this card idea crossed my mind petty late...). So many ppl will receive a printed card ^_^"

  ~How we feel on Christmas day~

~What we find under the Christmas tree~

 ~Spirit of Christmas~

 I also want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :*
 Hope to see you soon!

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