joi, 30 decembrie 2010

New Year Cards

I'll celebrate new year at a friend's house along with 2 other girls :) so I made 3 cards, one for each of them! I hope they will like my creations..... We will surely have an awesome night! I'll also sleep there and go home in the morning ;)
        ~The Spirit of the party~
                  ~Good food.....~
                ~A new beginning~

Family photos!

This isn't a post about my art but about dear ppl :X
In the pics below: me, my bro and my cousins :) Two days ago me and my bro visited our cousins and decided to take some cute photos of us together (I guess we were really bored...).
Eventually I decided to post the best photos we took.  

duminică, 26 decembrie 2010

Christmas Cards!

Some days before Christmas I started paiting some Christmas cards for relatives and friends. :)
I've actually made 3 and I scanned and then printed them. ( I haven't had enought time to make more because this card idea crossed my mind petty late...). So many ppl will receive a printed card ^_^"

  ~How we feel on Christmas day~

~What we find under the Christmas tree~

 ~Spirit of Christmas~

 I also want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! :*
 Hope to see you soon!

duminică, 28 noiembrie 2010

I just love this video!

Watch it full screen! ;)

Sketchbook Project 2011 THE END

Yes! My sketchbook is done and ready to be sent! :X
I had a great time working on it! Hope ppl will enjoy the little journey I created there.

This book has so many things to tell you and I'll miss it very much!
For more information about my work and sketchbook project visit:
BUT this isn't the end of the project!!! ;) The US tour hasn't started yet! So the action just begins!
I'm sure I'm going to participate in another project sometime! :)

Outside and within me

Hello! :) Last week I finished a painting which my teacher of arts sent to a contest together with other drawings and works made by my classmates:

The theme was: The landscape outside and within me.

marți, 9 noiembrie 2010

Arts Classes at school

I've decided to make a little post in order to show you what I did in my arts classes so far :)

These will all appear in 2 exhibitions in the hall of my high school :D
The last one should be something like.... The legends of The Black Sea. I mean that's the theme. Mine isn't really a legend....
That's all :) Thx! :X

marți, 19 octombrie 2010


Hello! :) It's been awhile eh?
Last Sunday I celebrated Andreea's Birthday (a girl in my class how I'm friends with) in park.
I had fun and made some really nice photos! :D She loves cats very much so I decided to paint her a... blue cat :)

Sorry but I don't remember the size of it.... ^^" I know it's acrylic on canvas.
"Te vad!" means "I see you!" After 10 years she'll look at this little painting and remember that Mimi can see her :) I hope this will happen! ;)
She said she's going to put it in her room! That's gooooood!

~me and Andreea :)~
I surely had an awesome day!

luni, 13 septembrie 2010

This summer I:

Visited Balcik :X Loved that sunny summer day!

Visited Belgium :) Very nice country ;)

Went to MIKA's concert :X Thank u ORANGE!!
~I'm the one with a white T-shirt saying "I -red heart- Antwerp". Just next to me u can see Ramona, a friend of mine. In the background u can see a blonde faired lady (right), that's my mom :)~
I downloaded those pics from ORANGE Romania Facebook Page.

Made my first painting on canvas!! ;) 45x45 cm

Made my second painting on canvas :D I don't remember the size ^^"

Went to Sinaia with some other crazy ppl :D

Discovered Art House and the Sketchbook Project!! :X

and many many other cool things! ;) I had an awesome summer holiday but school has started today..... and I entered the arts high school ^__^

marți, 7 septembrie 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011 UPDATE

Finally!!! Here are some photos of my sketchbook so far :)

~This is the first page :)~

~ Third page detail~
I really enjoy drawing in my sketchbook! :X I hope that people will smile while turning the pages of my book ^_^ I'm doing my best! :D

~Page sixteen detail~
I sketch in this book every day! :) I would love to go to one of the Sketchbook Project exhibitions, but I live so far from US :(('s a photo of me in action ;)

If u wanna see more of my sketchbook go to:

THX! :*

marți, 31 august 2010

Gift for/from a friend

Hey! Last time I told u about our friends from Paris. Remember? Well I painted something for them, and gave it to Lelia :) Hope u like it:

Down, near the flower I wrote: "Lumina!". It means "Light!", in Romanian. :) As u can see, the flower is looking towards light :) When I made it, I wanted the flower to be as bright and happy as possible! I think I did a nice job ;)

It's a pretty little canvas: 18x24. They liked it and that made me very happy :D!
So.... this little thing was a total success! x)
But let me show u what Lelia gave to me ;)

It's a silk scarf!!! ;) :) made by Claudia Caligaris. I like it very much! ^_^
See u next time :) :*

duminică, 29 august 2010

Sinaia Trip

Hey! I came back from a one week trip in the mountains (Sinaia). :) I went there with my family, Smoti's family (we're relatives) and Lelia's family (friends from Paris). It was a great trip :X I really enjoy traveling!!

~ I'm the one with red sweater in the front~
Yes, we walked through the forest :X When we got back home I was very tired and hungry^^"

~ red sweater again :D I'm walking near Smoti (ma cousin)~
I love my summer holyday (which is about to end....)!! And this trip was very special! I've been surrounded by really nice people :D I had fun =^__^=

~ Peles Castle!!! (OH YEAH!) Isn't it beautiful? It is!~
In a word, this trip was: AWESOME!
I enjoyed every moment and ate lots of green nuts :D and PASTA O-O (special thanks to Jean).
The next post will be very interesting, belive me ;)

luni, 9 august 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011

"It's like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks."
Omg I'm sooo excited!! :X A few days ago I received it!!! A super cute little sketchbook!! :X
Can't wait to start working!:X I'll do my best! I mean this sketchbook will be touched and opened by thousands of hands!!! My sketchbook will travel all around US!!
And I totally love this little green card which says: "2011 Participating Artist".
So I'm an ARTIST and I'm participating in this awesome project! :) That's cool!

The theme I've chosen is "Nighttime Stories"! Yay~ I love nighttime stories ;)
Brooklyn Art Libraly's the best! :X and I'm very very proud that.... I'm participating in one of their projects :') I reaaaaaally want to say THNK YOU to Suzi Blu who posted a video on YouTube about this project! That's how I found out about it! :)
I'm very happy right now! :D

P.S. This was my first post on thsi blog ^__^ Hope u enjoyed it! See u soon everybody! :*
Mimi loves U!
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