marți, 31 august 2010

Gift for/from a friend

Hey! Last time I told u about our friends from Paris. Remember? Well I painted something for them, and gave it to Lelia :) Hope u like it:

Down, near the flower I wrote: "Lumina!". It means "Light!", in Romanian. :) As u can see, the flower is looking towards light :) When I made it, I wanted the flower to be as bright and happy as possible! I think I did a nice job ;)

It's a pretty little canvas: 18x24. They liked it and that made me very happy :D!
So.... this little thing was a total success! x)
But let me show u what Lelia gave to me ;)

It's a silk scarf!!! ;) :) made by Claudia Caligaris. I like it very much! ^_^
See u next time :) :*

Un comentariu:

  1. eu cind am vazut tabloul m-am gindit la focul creator, flacara iubirii... deci uite cite valente...din ochi diferiti...
    faci o treaba excelenta... uite asa... ai inceput sa expui si la Paris... ;)... spor la visat :))


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