duminică, 29 august 2010

Sinaia Trip

Hey! I came back from a one week trip in the mountains (Sinaia). :) I went there with my family, Smoti's family (we're relatives) and Lelia's family (friends from Paris). It was a great trip :X I really enjoy traveling!!

~ I'm the one with red sweater in the front~
Yes, we walked through the forest :X When we got back home I was very tired and hungry^^"

~ red sweater again :D I'm walking near Smoti (ma cousin)~
I love my summer holyday (which is about to end....)!! And this trip was very special! I've been surrounded by really nice people :D I had fun =^__^=

~ Peles Castle!!! (OH YEAH!) Isn't it beautiful? It is!~
In a word, this trip was: AWESOME!
I enjoyed every moment and ate lots of green nuts :D and PASTA O-O (special thanks to Jean).
The next post will be very interesting, belive me ;)

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