luni, 9 august 2010

Sketchbook Project 2011

"It's like a concert tour, but with sketchbooks."
Omg I'm sooo excited!! :X A few days ago I received it!!! A super cute little sketchbook!! :X
Can't wait to start working!:X I'll do my best! I mean this sketchbook will be touched and opened by thousands of hands!!! My sketchbook will travel all around US!!
And I totally love this little green card which says: "2011 Participating Artist".
So I'm an ARTIST and I'm participating in this awesome project! :) That's cool!

The theme I've chosen is "Nighttime Stories"! Yay~ I love nighttime stories ;)
Brooklyn Art Libraly's the best! :X and I'm very very proud that.... I'm participating in one of their projects :') I reaaaaaally want to say THNK YOU to Suzi Blu who posted a video on YouTube about this project! That's how I found out about it! :)
I'm very happy right now! :D

P.S. This was my first post on thsi blog ^__^ Hope u enjoyed it! See u soon everybody! :*
Mimi loves U!

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