sâmbătă, 30 iunie 2012

Playing around

Watercolor, ink and colored pencils on paper. 

vineri, 29 iunie 2012

Black & White

Black ink on A4 paper. :)

marți, 26 iunie 2012

Silent Night

Remember that painting I made for Servus Caffe? Well I felt like I should make it again at home as I liked the idea very much. It's true that I didn't post a photo of the first painting finished but, believe me, this one looks much better. :) And that is because working at home is the most enjoyable thing on Earth for me. See my first post about this whole subject here.

duminică, 24 iunie 2012

Two friends: Mon Cheri

Here is another mixed media painting (actually my second one...). I used acrylic paint, colored pencils (not Prismacolor...), pieces of paper, watercolor, stamps and hot wax as a final layer. I just love the effect the wax gives to all the work. Some kind of dreamy clouds all around. This time I managed to protect the faces so those "petit dolls" were saved. :)

sâmbătă, 23 iunie 2012

My first mixed media experience

This is my first mixed media painting. :) Of course, I was inspired by Suzi Blu and her recently published book, "Mixed Media Girls" (which I warmly recommend). Well, the painting doesn't look like this anymore because when I used hot wax as the final layer......something went wrong. So now her little face is destroyed and I could do nothing to make it look better. This whole thing happened because I didn't use Prismacolor pencils . At least I still have the photo :) Don't worry, I regret nothing. And I won't make the same mistake twice! All my future "petit dolls" will be saved.

All in all, I think this is the sad story of a petty face...

marți, 5 iunie 2012

Chemistry Project : work in progress

Me and three other classmates are currently working on a huge chemistry project which we are going to talk about in front of the class next week. We have been given a very nice subject: Drugs... :-) As you can see we are working at the gallery as this was the perfect place where we could meet and work together undisturbed. And the visitors had the wonderful chance to see some artists at work.

luni, 4 iunie 2012

Mixed Media : Happy Birthday, Bix!

This is the beginning of my mixed media journey. Inspired my lovely Suzi Blu, I made a painting for my little cousin, Bianca. She turned 10 years old some days ago. Fortunately she liked it and promised to treasure it and hang it in her bedroom. :-) Isn't that very nice?

duminică, 3 iunie 2012

My paintings in a gallery

Yes! Two of my paintings can be seen now in an art gallery named "Fiii Dobrogei" (Sons of Dobrogea) situated in one of the biggest malls in Constanta (City Park Mall) . Any student who wants to express himself through art is welcomed at this gallery. All works are for sale. :-)

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