vineri, 4 ianuarie 2013

Kangaroo Mania

This new friend has been waiting to make his appearance on my blog for quite a while. As his is very shy and excited, I will be the one to introduce him. His name is Senor Pedro Miguel  Angel. I really don't know how old he is but he surely is intelligent. Senor Pedro speaks 7 languages (currently studying Romanian) and he takes care of his little mate who hides himself in Senor's pocket. Little fellow's name is Luis Carlos. I can't wait for Luis to jump out of his shelter. I'm sure he is wonderful decorated too.  Those two are the last members of a secret kangaroo association formed in Australia decades ago. Senor Pedro only told me that something bad happened so he and Luis had to run away from home to Mexico. They don't remember their real names as they changed them several times after their escape. Senor made his living out of fortune telling (his big back eye is actually the secret of the whole thing). He needed help to go back home so he contacted me telepathically and arrived in Romania using teleportation. I will host Senor for a while as he cannot star his journey to Australia if Luis isn't old enough. I love my new friends very much and I will do my best to help them go home. If you know any magical way to instantly transport 2 kangaroos home, please contact me.

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