marți, 20 mai 2014

Cyprus adventure part 2

Are you ready for the second part of the adventure? Here we go....
Second day! Tough day for dad who drove on the left side of the road for the first time. As I said, Cypriots aren't the most patient drivers, but dad managed just fine. We visited Ayia Napa, said to have an exciting nightlife, no. 2 in Europe, actually, after Ibiza. The beach was nice too, with golden soft sand. And the sea. Breathtaking! It had the most wonderful color I've only seen in photos of unknown deserted island in Pacific. The Mediterranean is just as beautiful. The reason why water was so clear were the rocks on the seabed, so taking a bath wasn't so easy....We explored some cliffs near the beach and then walked until we reached the touristic harbor.

 The most beautiful sea I've ever seen!!

 That's salt :-)

 We explored the cliffs near the golden sand beach and we found an aquatic cave perfect for snorkeling.

Well I didn't have the chance to take a bath but.....
View of Ayia Napa from the touristic harbor.

Special selfie for the end! Stay tuned as I'm preparing new posts!

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