vineri, 23 mai 2014

Cyprus adventure part 4: Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque and Larnaka Salt Lake

So here we are, my friends. This is the last Cyprus adventure post. It's about a place which reminded me of that famous tale... Ali Baba and the forty thieves. Plants, sun and sky transported me instantly into Arabian dreams. Again, no one was around and I liked that so much! 
Beautiful Hala Sultan Tekke is a tiny mosque hidden in exotic vegetation. Larnaka Salt Lake is almost dry during summertime and, in winter it is visited by graceful pink flamingos. April is quiet around...

This is it! I mean... it's not actually but I think that's enough. ;-) Bye-bye beloved island. Let's move forward! I have other things waiting to be shared. I'll announce new posts on my facebook and instagram accounts!

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