miercuri, 7 mai 2014

Back online

With so many things to be done till the end of this school year I completely neglected my blog for... months. Time passed fast and it's hard for to believe that my last post here was in February. I don’t feel so good about it. So it seems that today is the magnificent day of my comeback!
Don't you think that I've slept my days away since then! Well I haven't been the most hardworking but I haven't wasted time either. I've decided to show you, my friends, some details from my recent works and they're not as whimsical as you might expect. As I'm preparing for an exciting challenge (university exam, this summer in Cluj-Napoca) I've started practicing portraits. Even thought they're not so academic, they sure are different from my usual artwork. 
Actually school work and exam preparation kept me away from the blog. It's not so fun to be busy but the good thing is that you never get bored. And I'm reaching the end of my senior year so prom on the way!  Party again after so much time!
I promise this time it won't be long till my next post. And I'm thinking of changing the blog name and logo too...

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