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Cyprus adventure part 1

As exams are approaching you might think that, during my entire spring holiday I stayed at home like a nice girl and studied. But no. My parents offered me the most wonderful vacation in the world! We visited Cyprus and spent a great week away from home.

Cyprus is an island located south from Turkey in the middle of beautiful Mediterranean Sea. Although it should belong entirely to Greece, the northern part of the island is under Turkish occupation since 1974. The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is only recognized by Turkey. The political situation is complicated even today with the Turkish army maintaining pressure at the border.

Despite the frightening "concentration camp" fences we saw now and then along the road, we had no trouble and we spent most of our time on the Greek part of the island. We rent a car so we can move around easily. That's how most tourists do and I also think it's the most practical and cheap idea. Ours was a nice red Ford. hahah. Rented cars there have red numbers so locals always know who they deal with. :-)

First impressions were astonishing. The weather was fine, sunny and warm, while in Bucharest we had to survive a windy, rainy one. brrrr During the first day we had lots of time to explore the neighborhood. We stayed at Frixos Hotel in Dekeleia, 10 km away from Larnaka. (which I'm going to talk about later)
Everywhere, beautiful white houses and bungalows, summer villas I wish I owned just next to the beach. The air was fresh and sweet smelling. Trees and bushes were all flowery. Lemon trees, orange trees, palm trees and so many other plants I don't know the names of. Walking around town was a delight. One could feel the sun gently touch his skin, smell only divine flavors and see only beauty. 

I liked very much our hotel. It had a remote backyard and a big swimming pool. The room we stayed in was spacious, clean and had a bonus great view of the gorgeous blue sea. I also loved the fresh fruits, squash and delicious cakes they gave us for breakfast. There was always someone there if you had any question and the staff was one of the most friendly I've ever met. 


Larnaka is one of the biggest cities, 10 km away from our hotel in Dekeleia. It's famous around the world for its palm trees main boulevard. Actually, the first picture I've ever seem of Cyprus on Pinterest was of this street. It is truly wonderful, next to the sea shore and the touristic harbor. We strolled around narrow cobbled streets in the old town paying attention to the cars. People there drive so fast! They surely aren't patient drivers. But as I usually enjoy lively streets, I had no problem with that.
Oh and I loved the huge fountain. :-D

Part two coming soon... ;-)

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