miercuri, 11 ianuarie 2012

White Holiday

Hello everybody! I'm back home after a 5-days trip with my family. Of course, we went in the mountains and we were lucky enought to find there lots of snow. Had lots of fun! Now I'm ready to start the brand new year! Oh, by the way: this is my first post in 2012, isn't it? Woohoo!! 
(School starts again in less than a week...)

~ The happy goup!!

~ Me, my cousin (Smota) and my bro.

~ My bro. Say Hi!

~ Bran Castle (Dracula's sweet home) Don't miss it!!! Isn't it mysterious? (yes...covered with trees)
But if you visit the place, you'll be able to see it clearly. :)

 ~ I'm the perfect penguin... :)

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