marți, 5 noiembrie 2013

Never forget Paris

I promised myself  to write a post about my Paris summer experience... but I'm so lazy and have so many things to do lately..... This is a mini post about my trip. I did so many things in just one week it's pretty hard to remember them all now. I visited museums I only used to dream about, I walked all those wonderful streets and boulevards, it felt like being in a movie.... Can't wait to go back!! 

 Tour Eiffel c'est si belle!

 Pretty tired after the Orangerie visit.

 The lively Montmartre


 The Suzanne Valadon Studio, part of the Montmartre Museum

 I met my fav Marcel Aime character.

 Happy Ppl in front of Louvre Museum

Quai Voltaire, my fav placeee!!

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