joi, 30 august 2012

EnergyPlay Project

Me and some other schoolmates are participating in a project named PlayEnergy, organized by Enel. Together with our chemistry teacher, who is actually the one who told us about all this thing, we had to think about ways of providing energy, energy sources, green energy and so on. Ramona and I had the awesome idea of inventing a game and a story. We thought about three children living in a big city. They set off on a long journey, searching for a green place where they can start a new life in the middle of nature. In the end they truly discover a paradise: a wooden house near a crystal-clear river.  So here it is. We have been working on it the last few days. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw it finished. Tomorrow, we are going to show it to our teacher. I really hope she'll be amazed.

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