miercuri, 16 iulie 2014

Last post before the Cluj challenge

As you might know I've decided to become a student at the University of Arts and Design (UAD) in Cluj-Napoca. Well, the admission exams begin Monday! Tonight I'll be heading to Cluj with my parents and brother. It will be a great challenge and experience. I've been working very hard lately, spending hours and hours in the studio on my own. Eventually, my teacher chose the best paintings which are going to travel along with me as my portfolio. I'm trying to be as optimistic as possible and think only of happy stuff... but I must admit that I am afraid that I'm not going to make it...
For example I like thinking about this gorgeous project I just found : http://kiterunners.ro/
I like the idea so much that I'm going to submit as soon as possible! More about this after I return home from Cluj. ;-) 
Here are some details of my most recent paintings. Not much, I know, but enough to make you curious!

Wish me good luck !!

Un comentariu:

  1. heeeeei
    reusesti daca Vrei
    nu vreau sa.ti fie frica !!!!
    orice rezultat e doar un rezultat... tu esti deja definita...si fara rezultatul lor ... care nu poate fi decat unul po.zi.tiv!!!! fii tu si atat"!!!!!! tu esti vulturul ce ne priveste din inaltul succesului !!!! iti doresc sclipire! fifa


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