miercuri, 12 noiembrie 2014

A foggy day is a perfect day

This Saturday was foggy and cold... so I decided to spend it with one of my new friends. Where? In museums, of course! We visited The National Museum Of Natural History "Grigore Antipa" and then The National Museum of Contemporary Art. 
I was glad to find out that the first one is the perfect place to make little sketches of birds, animals, insects, rocks.... and skeletons. I saw the most beautiful butterflies and a huge and astonishing whale skeleton. Oh and I mustn’t forget to mention those jars they keep fishes and snakes in. Unfortunately, I don't know how they are called.  I loved it! It is interesting, well organized, it has a nice souvenir shop and UnArte students visit for free anytime. hehehe

After a four-hour visit, we made our way through the fog to The National Museum of Contemporary Art. I enjoyed it so much! I even liked the fact that we were almost the only visitors... so it was silent unlike Antipa which was full of screaming little children with their teachers, parents or grandparents.
Even thought we expected a much wider variety of exhibitions, I wasn't disappointed at all. 
   At a point we ran into a room dedicated to the senses.... an interactive exhibition actually. We had to walk thought a dark corridor, dance on shiny floor.... and then we miraculously reached a chamber full of colorful pillows which made different sounds when you touched them.... so cute !

I can't wait for my next visit at MNAC! Now let's spend more time in the studio and less at the museum... what do you say?

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