duminică, 30 noiembrie 2014

A weekend at home

When I say: "I am at home." People usually ask: "Oh so you are in Constanta for the weekend?" No, not at all. I'm home, in Bucharest. After I had fun with a friend who slept over at my place Friday night, I went at the market and bought lots of flowers! Now the room is filled with wonderful scent. I love those colors so much: pink, white, yellow!! I just couldn't ask for more! As the weather was cloudy, windy and cold I decided to spend my weekend at home... reading, painting, writing on the blog and listening to music. I had a relaxing time... but I didn't do everything I had in mind. Is time passing too fast...? Or maybe I am just moving very slowly, being very lazy...

Unfortunately, the flowers I bought are not so fresh.... because winter is almost here. I am dreaming of fine sunny weather... What do I have in mind? It's time to prepare for snowy days, exams....and Christmas. Should I write a wish list and sent it to Santa?

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