duminică, 23 noiembrie 2014

Fairy Dust by Madalina Andronic

Last Wednesday evening I enjoyed one of my favorite events since I started university in Bucharest: "Fairy Dust" book release. It is a beautifully illustrated little treasure... created by Madalina Andronic. She is one of my favorite illustrators and I was very very glad to meet her at Acuarela (the place of the event). The room was filled with discreet flower perfume, scent of tea and everybody was welcomed to taste delicious cakes and cookies. In other words, Acuarela was the perfect place to be in a rainy and cold November evening. 
I fell so directly interested in such an event because I love illustrating too.... even more, I love inventing new stories, giving them life. That is why I admire Madalina so much, because she managed on her own as an artist and she is earning money doing what she loves. "So you are an art student... and what are you going to be? A painter...? How are you going to earn a living?" They always say that. Well, I am going to do what I love. Just like that... and see what happens.
I love Madalina's work and I can't wait to see more! Maybe Santa will bring me the book ... If I'm a good girl and paint more... hehe You can purchase this work of art here.

That is why I love Bucharest. It gives so many opportunities. I want to see, to explore but.... the weather is so cold and cloudy. It's been so long since I've seen the blue sky... What's this? Maybe a lack of determination?

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