miercuri, 26 noiembrie 2014

The "Private Moon" of Leonid Trishkov

I had to participate at this event.... I just couldn't help myself because it seemed like such a nice idea. It is about this Russian man, Leonid Trishkov who is travelling the world with this Moon he created. He brought his Moon to Bucharest too, at Seneca AntiCafe... and me and my friends were there to meet him. He told us his story, how the whole adventure started. He even visited the North Pole with the Moon and he took great photos.  The project is named "Private Moon".
After the presentation, we had to complete a task, part of the event. They gave us drawing paper, pencils and markers and we had to create our own story about the Moon. I enjoyed it very much!
I heard Seneca AntiCafe was recently opened. It is a nice place indeed. You can do almost anything there, read, drink tea, play games with your friends, study, draw or simply have a pleasant spare time. Everything is clean, shiny and new. They also have books for sale. The staff is nice too. A friendly Russian lady greet us and showed us around... and guess what... art students receive a discount.. of course hahaha We had to pay 4 lei per hour while the usual price is 8 lei. Unfortunately, this cafe is pretty far away from the university. 
Check out Seneca Anticafe! Maybe the Moon is still there waiting for you!

This is what I could invent.... It's the story of some hungry sheep that ate the Moon while the owners weren't paying attention. Leonid Trishkov seemed to like it. He told me I should write more stories. He said I have talent. What if it's true?

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  1. Trebuie sa te specializezi în ilustrarea cartilor cu povesti pentru copii si sa publici în fiecare an în decembrie o carte pentru cei mici!!!


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