duminică, 2 noiembrie 2014

Weekend Trip

Yes, this is also a post about my weekend.... a two-day trip to Constanta. It was nice returning home but I felt very tired and nostalgic. I slept and recovered and time passed so fast... At least I had the chance to spend a few moments on the beach. I missed it so much. The sea is part of my inner soul structure. I will always return wherever I go, no matter how far. The smell of the sea is the smell of home.  Nevertheless, I felt like there is nothing left for me to do in Constanta. Now I am busy making Bucharest part of me, part of my art, my life and my soul. This is a wonderful adventure. I love my new friends, I love the hours spent in the studio. I don't have much time to think about what's happening because it all happens so fast! A month has already passed since I started university and I still feel like a newcomer with no experience. Yes, there are many goals waiting to be accomplished. I wish I had the time to post daily... really....

And still, the sea is always in my heart . White seagulls fly through my mind.

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